Friday, November 4, 2011

Ariana's First Birthday

Today is the day. My little baby daughter is officially ONE year old.
I still can't believe she is 1. She's no longer my little baby.....she's my little 1 year old. It makes me sad to think about that. I don't know why, but when I think about it, I cry. A lot. I've cried more this week than I have in a long time. The last 365 days went by so fast, it makes my head spin. She's doing so much now. Walking, talking, running, eating big kid foods...oy.

I don't know her stats since she hasn't been to the doctor in 6 months, but she has a check up the 7th so I'll update you all then.

Here's a little recap of what we did to celebrate her special day....

We rented a room (the same room where my baby-shower was held) and we decorated it with light pink, dark pink, and yellow.... crepe paper, balloons, table cloths, plates, cups, the works.
We also had the same color cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. (I'm a frigging moron and didn't take any pictures of the decor, or food, ((I got it all on video)) so you'll have to take my word for it.)

The location of the party is about an hour and a half from where we live, so we got up at the butt crack of dawn and hit the road. We had to stop off and pick up a few last minute items. We got in town and dropped the little off at my grandparents so we could go decorate and set everything up.
Apparently she was having too much fun and didn't want to take her afternoon nap.
That, my friends, was not a good thing. When it was time for her party the Mr picked her up while I entertained the early arrivals.
As soon as he walked in the door with her, I could see how exhausted she was. I knew this wasn't going to turn out well.  This was her amazingly cute outfit we ordered (got to love Etsy) The hat, however, we picked up at Party City! I couldn't resist.
 We let her run around a bit while we waited for everyone to show up, and this gave everyone a chance to love on her before the festivities began.
Then she got a little pissed and just wanted to play with my cell phone. So we let her. (to prevent any further breakdowns)

 Once everyone showed up it was present time! She had so many presents it took her two days to open them all. Her pack n' play is now her toy box. Guess what she'll be getting for Christmas?!

 After opening a few, she was over it. She was tired, and grumpy, and everything was a bit overwhelming for her. We decided it was cake time (hoping the sugar would help a bit)

 Her entire life up to this point, she had never had any kind of sweets. Ever. I was very adamant that the first time she would have any kind of "junk" food would be her first birthday cake! She freaking LOVED it.

 I've always heard people say that kids usually just play in the cake, they don't actually eat much of it. Um, not this kid. She tore it UP! See that picture? There were big, puffy balloons on the top, see how they're missing? That's because she ate them.

 At this point we had to cut her off. She had had enough. (We also forgot to put a bib on her, so her outfit got a little messy.) What do you expect?! It was our first time! lol

Right after this picture was taken, we cleaned her up, and people started leaving. So we cleaned up our mess, and headed home. All in all, it was a success. She could have been in a better mood, but it could have been worse, so I'm happy :)

The next day (her actual birthday) we took her to Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

The monorail wasn't running when we got there, so A got her enjoy her first boat ride! By the way, the weather was GORGEOUS! We couldn't have asked for better weather!

Babe and her daddy!

The first thing we did was head straight for the carousel. The line was short, and I knew it was one of the few things we could all enjoy. As you can tell, she loved it! 

Isn't she the cutest!!

We also ran into Cap'n Jack! That was pretty awesome!

We ate lunch, and then it was nap time. Her daddy and I could have used one too, but we just walked around a did a little shopping while she slept.

After an HOUR we woke her up with a stuffed Mickey! She loved him. She sucked on his nose for a loooong time! (They're best friends)

Here she is in line for It's a Small World. She was not impressed. While we were on the ride, she just wanted to run around and play, and since we were in a little boat type thing, that wasn't fun for us!

What's with all the pictures mom?!

After that, we were all winding down, and we decided to get her some ice cream! Mint chocolate chip! (Her mom and dad's favorite) Hers too I think!

Finally it was time for the parade. She was getting grumpy until it started. It was amazing. The characters were ALL interacting with her. (Her dad was taking the pictures and didn't get any of this) At one point she was picking her nose (her new favorite thing to do) and one of the characters from Pinocchio came up to her and picked his nose too! It was hilarious! 

Isn't this awesome! I love the castle in the background!

I have to say, I think she had one of the best birthdays of all time. I'm so glad it's over, but I'm sad she's growing up so fast!
This will be her last big party until she is in school and has friends! It was hard on me and her daddy. You live, and you learn. I wouldn't change a thing. <3
Happy first birthday baby girl!
I love you!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear baby,

Tomorrow is the day that your daddy and I will be buying all of the presents for your birthday, as well as all of the decorations. I've been looking forward to this day for weeks and I'm so looking forward to it.

As I sit here, and think of the celebration that is rapidly approaching, tears are streaming down my face.
I can't believe my baby is almost a year old. I honestly don't know where this year has gone. Everyone said it would fly by, but my goodness, I didn't think it would disappear that quickly.

I feel like I missed so many things. So many milestones. I hate that I can't stay home with you everyday.
Your daddy and I want the best things for you, and that means that he and I both have to work. I'm so sorry. I know you're in good hands, but I wish you were in mine. <3

I pray that you know I'm doing my best. I've never done this before, and as you are learning, I am too.
I love you so much baby girl. You are my world, and I hope this year has been amazing for you. As much as it has been for us. I love you . Always. And forever.
While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bad blogger

Yep, that's me. I'm a bad blogger.

I have good weeks where I'll have 3 or 4 posts, and then I'll go a week or two with no posts at all.

I'm super busy planning A's birthday party (Two weeks from today btw! AHHH) along with work, cooking, cleaning, playing with a rambunctious toddler, blogging kind of gets pushed aside. ::Sad face::
So here is a quick update;

My best friend and I are going to the Southern Women's Show today!! I went 3 years ago when we lived in Tennessee and LOVED it. (The S W S, not Tennessee, hence why we live in Florida now) I won the tickets from my favorite local radio station. Along with a Longaberger wallet, a purse from Macy's, and some perfume! I LOVE the way the perfume smells, so I will be running out of it quickly!!

Baby A can seriously walk now. She's trotting all over the house, chasing after our cat (which is hilarious) she kind of wobbles sometimes, it's super cute. She looks a lot like Dr. Frankenstein's monster though, which makes for some serious entertainment. :)
She started saying "Hi" It is SO cute. She has the sweetest little baby voice. I love it. I seriously can't believe how she is growing up so fast. She's on regular milk now, and eating real food, it blows my mind. Her birthday is 15 days from today. We're having her party the day before, and taking her to Disney on her actual birthday :) I hope she enjoys it!

The Southern Woman's Show has come and gone. We had a pretty good time. It was crowded and hot, but it was fun. We got a lot of swag, and ate more dip than any person ever should. I also got my wedding band cleaned, and it is soooo sparkly and shiny now. It's beautiful :)

Hope you all have a great weekend. And since I missed Wordless Wednesday....

Old school

Sunday, October 9, 2011


So, I may be late, but I've jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. I honestly thought, meh it can't be as exciting as everyone says it is.

Ummm, ok. I was wrong. Like, really wrong. I've spent the last week of my life pinning amazing DIY's, foods I want to make, birthday party ideas....omigosh. I can't even describe the awesomeness that is pinterest. If you haven't already, check it out. Or don't, it will take over your life.

I've decided I'm going to learn how to cook via pinterest. (Not to mention the amaaaaaazing desserts I've seen....2 ingredient homemade butterfingers?! REALLY!?) Homemade Febreze, teeth whitener, dryer sheets, holiday decorations...the list goes on and on and on.

This weekend was pretty epic. Saturday we spent the afternoon with my best friend in the world, and her boo and 2 handsome babes. They're 4 and 5 and it seems like just yesterday they were teeny, tiny babies. Time flies. We went to a park, and had planned to go to a pumpkin patch but it was really windy, and started raining. So those plans flew out the window. But it's ok, we got to spend time together, and it was amazing, and long over due. We've already made plans to get together again soon. Yay!
After we left them, we went to my grandparents and had the most delicious lunch (ribs & apple pie) I may have had seconds. We hung out with them for a couple of hours then headed to another friend's house to hang with him and his 2 year old son. The Mrs was working so we'll have to catch her next time ;)
After leaving home at 9 am, we finally got home around 7ish and we relaxed for the rest of the night. I guess I forgot to mention all of our friends/family live 1+ hours away from us. All in all, it was a good day. The baby got spend some much needed time with the fam, (and in a swing, which she loooooves) and she was happy all day even with only having two 15 minute naps.
Today was full of laundry. We skipped church. (sorry God) It was rainy and disgusting out
I did about 6 loads of laundry, cleaned the entire house and played with the little one. It was a busy, but good day. Back to the ol' grind tomorrow. But I'm not complaining. House is back!!!! Woooo hooooo.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and hope your upcoming week it fabulous as well.
Oy, I'm a hot mess.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

First birthday!

Holy crap.

How can my little baby daughter's first birthday be coming up so soon?
Wasn't this picture taken, like, yesterday?!


And now she's talking, crawling, and walking. She has (almost) 7 teeth, loves to dance and chase our cat around the house. It's all gone by so fast.

I feel like I've been planning her party for months, but now that it's a month away, it seems like I waited too long to do a lot of things.

I've found the perfect outfit for her special day, (tutu included of course).
I'm trying to find the perfect cake and color scheme, and candy to match it all.
Dear God please grant me the strength and sanity I'll need to plan this party.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Name that movie!!

Look down the road to her wedding. 

I'm in a room alone with her, 
fixing her veil, fluffing her dress, 

telling her no woman has ever looked so beautiful. 

And my fear is she'll be thinking, "I wish my mom were here." 

My favorite movie ever. This quote gets me every time. 
I sob like my life depends on it. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baby update!

No, I'm not pregnant. Don't freak out.

When I started this blog, I had every intention of making it all about baby, but somewhere along the way it became a "life" blog. So, here we go....

In 20 days she will be 11 months. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. Everyone said it would, but whoa.
She weighs about 23(ish)lbs and is 27(ish)in long. Honestly it's been a while since her last check up and I don't remember exactly.

She wears size 4 diapers. Pampers to be exact. We started with huggies, but Pampers don't leak overnight.

She wears 6-9 and 12 month clothes, it depends on the brand and style.
She wears 12 month footed jammies, any others are too short. :)

She is a master crawler and can stand unassisted for nearly a minute at a time.

She loves mac and cheese, and all of Earth's Best baby foods (veggies and fruits)

Pear juice is her favorite <3

She drinks about 4 or so bottles a day, and it too lazy to hold it herself. She can, but wont. :: eye roll ::
Same goes with the sippy cup.

She says mama, dada, and baba, and shakes her head "no".

She loves technology (the real stuff, not the toys) She prefers my cell phone over hers....silly girl.

And last but not least she has 4 teeth, and 3 more on the brink of popping through. Both bottom front, top left and top left incisor.

More to come :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Where to begin.....

Friday I picked up babe from her nanny, and wouldn't you know it..... She got hurt.

She was pulling up on a little corner table and before the nanny could get to her, it tipped and smacked her right in the face. She's got quite the bruise to show for it.

Needless to say, I was furious. I entrust you with my child, on a daily basis, I pay you to take care of her as if she were your own, and you let her get injured?! How far away were you from her that you couldn't get to her before it fell?! It is your job to be there within arms reach at all times, and when you can't be, she needs to be put somewhere where she can't get hurt; pack & play, hard is that?!
I'm not the perfect mother, by any means, but if I were compensated to take care of someone else's child, you can bet your ass I'd be right there, at.all.times.

She could tell how furious I was, to the point that while I strapping in my (still sniffling) baby into her car seat, she came and told me if I didn't want her to keep A anymore she would understand. All of this was said in between sobs. She was clearly extremely upset that this happened and felt incredibly guilty. So while I was still pissed that it happened (still am as a matter of fact) I gave her a hug and told her accidents happen. I did give her this week off anyway (which I had planned to do long before the accident happened btw) and next week we'll go back to our normal schedule. But, if anything like this happens again, I can't say that we'll stay with her.
We got her home and examined the injury, and luckily it wasn't even tender. She's fine, thank God.
We had plans to go out that night and since she was fine we kept our plans and went out. The Mr and I went to our first college football game! We had such a great time. The Mr (as most men do) loves football (and every other sport there is ::eye roll:: ) whereas I'm not the biggest fan. But it being our first time, I knew we were going to have a good time. We got there around 430 and kick off was at 7. The college kids had been tailgating since noon. NOON! I had never seen so many drunk college kids! Hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands.
Our seats were incredible, my boss is a booster and gets free seats and since she (is super rich and awesome) has her own club box seats she lets the employees have the others. 17 rows up corner end zone.  Crazy.
UCF vs Charleston Southern.
62-0 UCF. We kicked their asses!!
We're going again this weekend. We're playing Boston College, so I don't think it'll be quite the sweep this game was. But you never know.
Sunday we took advantage of some Labor Day sales, we bought a 55 inch LCD LG tv. I must say it looks great where our old 46in used to sit!!
We also got to spend some time with my sister in law. Not as much time as we would have liked, but luckily we'll be seeing her again in a couple of months!! It was good to see her, and she got to meet the little finally, so it was a great day :)
All in all, that was our weekend. Back to the real world now. I actually had to work today, so I'm taking Friday off and getting my hair done, and hitting a few Dr. appointments. I'll also be doing all of my house work that day so we can relax and actually enjoy the weekend for a change. Weekends never last long enough.

Hope you have an awesome week!! <3

Monday, August 29, 2011

Overdue update

It's been too long. But I have SO much going on these days.

Where shall we start.....
Work is awesome, and super busy which is great. Job security *wink

Church is great, we missed this Sunday because baby A was NOT having it. She needed a nap right when we were walking out the door. Sooo, it didn't work out. This week it will. ::hangs head in shame::

Speaking of baby A, she got her toenails painted for the first time!!!

Super cute right?!

I've been taking this medicine the Dr gave me for my back, and it makes me feel like I'm on crack. I start sweating, and shaking and my heart starts racing. No bueno.
I had a consultation today with the pain management doctor who will be giving me the epidural type medicine injection hopefully that will happen soon; he also gave me some new meds that hopefully wont crack me out. SN: I've never done crack, so I am only assuming that is how I would feel.

Back to baby A, she can stand up by herself, and stay standing unassisted for almost a minute!! She will be walking any day. I'm so excited.

We're going to Tennessee in December, which I'm TOTALLY excited about. Get to see the fam and spend time with good people who care about us.

OH My best friend in the world is pregnant!!!!!! I am SO excited and can't wait. This will be baby #3 for her, and the first time I'll be living in the same state as her when she has it!!! I can't wait!!

That is all. Sorry for bouncing around. <3

Have a good week.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I got these new meds yesterday from the Dr. for my back pain.

It says, take 1-2 pills twice a day as needed; it also says to take them before the onset of pain and it will work better. Well, since the pain is always there, I take them morning and night. Today was my first say of taking them, and they have quite the effects.

This morning, I took two, because my back pain, believe it or not, is the worst when I'm at work. And lemme tell you, I was SO high. I felt like I was on crack. I was sweating, my heart was racing, hands were shaking, and I felt like I was going to hurl. Luckily, I didn't. I will say though, I wasn't in any pain :)

Tonight, I've only taken one, and I feel like I could fall asleep sitting here. I can barely hold my eyes open, so please forgive any typos or random jumping around.

The little will be walking any day now. I'm beyond excited, she can stand up all by herself, and she pulls up on everything; walls, doors, people, tables.....anything and everything.

We started planning her (quickly approaching!!) birthday, but I think we've decided to change some things. The Mr and I really need to sit down, and get organized, October 30th will be here before we know it!!

We don't really have any plans for the weekend. The hubs is on call, so it's hard to set anything up since there's always the chance that he'll have to work. He even worries about going to church. He doesn't want to have to leave in the middle of service, but it hasn't happened so far ;)
Next weekend we'll be having a nice date night. It's long overdue. We've got a great sitter for the little. Miss A loooooves her, and the Mr and I do too. She said, "don't pay me, just buy me dinner." Um OK! haha. She is genuinely one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and I'm glad to have her in my life. <3
I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday.

Have a great weekend! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


Today I learned the results of my latest MRI. I've had 2 now since we had the car accident. 
And what I found out today was pretty unsettling. 
There is a good chance I'll need to have surgery. 
But I'm not worried. 

Let go, and let God. 
I am. Are you? 

Have a great week :) 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bucket List

I've never actually sat down and thought about what I would have on my bucket list;

Lets discover mine together, shall we?

(In no particular order)

See a Red Sox game at Fenway

See Rent on Broadway

Do the Sling Shot at Old Town

Sky dive

Go white water rafting

Visit another country.

Everything on my list is totally achievable. So I guess I have no excuse to do them all.
I'm sure this isn't everything, but it's what I could think of on a whim.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


You can be the judge, but I need to tell this story to the interwebz.

Last weekend, the hubs, babe and myself went to Ikea, but you know that already. Remember how I told you about the bad ass picture we bought for our living room that was too big for our car? Well, here's how that went;

We had time to kill, and some $$ to spend. We've been planning on buying this picture for a few weeks

I was positive it would fit in our car. If not in the trunk, then wedged between both passenger seats up against the doors (does that make sense?)
So we get there, and we're all excited be buying the newest addition to our place!
We get in and out pretty quickly, not before buying a stuffed doggy for the little one! (She loves dogs)

She was happy, we were happy, although we did discuss how awesome it would be to go in there and drop 10 or 15k. One can dream right?!

Annnnnyhow, we get outside, it's hotter than hell, as always, and we get to the car.
Guess what?!

I was wrong. It didn't fit in the trunk. Close, but no cigar. So I'm like, ok we can wedge it inside!
No dice!
Really?! How can this be possible?! It doesn't seem like it's that big! Clearly my judgement is a bit foggy. So I have the bright idea (and really our only option) of strapping it....wait for the roof. Yep.

We actually did it.

I wasn't too embarrassed. Then the Mr. tells me I'll have to hang my arm out of the window and hold it down.

Um, really?

Yep. Once we started getting some speed, the wind would catch underneath it and rip it right off. I didn't want that to happen since we were so excited to have it, not to mention that it was my idea to strap it to the roof instead of calling for backup.

So we pull out, I've got my arm out, hanging tight, not biggie.

Then we pull on to I4. We get going pretty fast, and OH SHIT! It's really flying up! I don't want to lose it! Crap! WTF are we going to do?! We can't drive any slower for goodness sake! We're on the interstate!

I shift my body sideways, (still in my seat belt) roll the window down, and throw BOTH arms up and hang on for dear life! I can only imagine how ridiculous I must have looked. Had I seen someone else doing this... I totes would have judged them.

But alas, you do what you've gotta do.

A scratched elbow, 2 bruised forearms (and ego) later, we made it home.

Was it worth it, sure. Would I do it again, nope.

Learn from your mistakes my friends.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend update...

This weekend has been crazy busy. So busy in fact, that I've hardly had a chance to relax.
Friday night was our typical Friday when the Mr. is on call. Surprisingly he didn't get called out. ::Smiley face::

Saturday little miss was up at the butt crack of dawn as she is everyday. 6am. It never fails. So I got up with her, gave her a little breakfast and we hung out for about 45 minutes before she decided she was just kidding and wanted to go back to bed. Fine by me. I got to go back to sleep from 7 to 8:30. I'd happily get up at 8:30am on the weekends. I'd welcome that with open arms. Anything has got to be better than 6!
Anyhow, I had to leave by 9:15, so I showered got ready, got the little one ready, kissed the hubs g'bye and headed out the door.
Dropped A off at 9:30 and made it to the salon by 9:50! My appointment was at 10! I had to get my roots done. Going blonde when you have naturally dark hair requires some serious upkeep; so every 6 weeks like clockwork I go see my girl who makes magic happen :)
After that, around 12ish I think, I headed to Ulta to get some conditioner for this damaged hair of mine. (And I needed to get a new comb since I broke mine combing through my wet hair a week before. Srsly)
Then is was off to pick up the babe, and head to the dealership where we bought our car, they needed to do something, take pictures? I have no idea really. Did that, got 2 miles down the road, and had to turn around and go back because they didn't get everything they needed. ::Eye roll::
When we finished there, we swung by Babies R us to pick up some inserts for her Dr. Brown's bottles.
FINALLY 6 hours after we left we got home. The Mr. had a super bad headache so we just kinda hung out for the rest of the night. (I went to bed around 9:45, because I'm cool like that)
I was hoping to go to a fashion show that I had VIP tickets to but had no one to go with. (That'll be changing soon though ;)  )  Had the Mr. not been on call, we definitely would have gone. Whatever.
Night 2 that he didn't get called out.

Today we skipped church :( We didn't want to be in the middle of the service and have to leave because he got called out! So it was his turn to get up with the babe, and I got to sleep in until 10am!!!!! It was amazing. Seriously. Amazing. That's love folks.
Got up, fed the babe, got ready went to the Audi dealership to get our oil changed, and wouldn't ya know it, they're closed on Sunday. I would have known this, but I thought my dear husband looked up their hours, I thought wrong. So we had 2 hours to kill before we had to be home. So we decided to go to Ikea. &lt;3
We ended up getting a huge picture to put above our couch in the living room. It looks amazing. It was QUITE the adventure getting it from Ikea to our place though. It didn't fit in our car....but that's a whole other post in itself.
It looks great if I do say so myself.
We made it home just in time. We had a technician from Brighthouse scheduled to come between 3 and 5 to fix our DVR. Guess what time he showed up?! 4:59. I'm not exaggerating. He was here for about 20 minutes and fixed our problem. I am really starting to hate brighthouse. It's always something with them. Whatever.
That brings us to now, I've still got 2 loads of laundry to finish and a grumpy baby to put to bed.

Have a great week. :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

sad face

Can I just say how sad I am that Amy Winehouse died??

I loved her music.
Her voice was incredible.
Her channel on Pandora was always my favorite.

I mean, she's no Britney, but wow. I didn't think this would bother me so much (since we all knew this was inevitable) But I'm really bummed.

My plan for the weekend, is to drown myself in her music. Valerie, F*** me pumps (great song btw, youtube it) Rehab...sooooooo many!

R.I.P. Ms. Winehouse, I hope you're finally able to rest.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh hai.


I feel like I haven't blogged in months! GAH!

So, lets update, shall we......

This week was awesome. Worked regularly Monday & Tuesday, left work at 10 on Wednesday, and then worked regularly yesterday and today. This week flew by....

Maybe that's because I SAW BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!!!!!! Yes I did, yes I did (somebody please tell him who the eff I is) saw Nicki Minaj too. Jealous? It was awesome. I'd upload some of my videos buuuuuut I'm kind of screaming like a crazy teen-aged fan  and I don't think you'd appreciate that. We had amazing seats, they were great, then we got upgraded to club level (vip bitches) after the chick sitting next to us barfed. Nope, I'm not lying, it really happened. Before Britney even came on stage! Luckily for her, otherwise I would have LOST MY MIND. I would have strangled her. But it all worked out. Yay for us. :)
Beer was $10 by the way. FOR ONE! One beer, and they had crappy not everyone likes bud light! clASSy.

Anyway, that day ranked up there with the likes of my wedding and the birth of my child <3

My kiddo also had her 9 month well baby check up!
Some stats.....
27in long
She also started crawling. FINALLY. I was worried she would skip straight to walking, but nope! We're mobile people! Move over!!

All in all, it's been a damn good week. I'd tell you more but I'm starving and dinner's here!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Things my kid is loving right now

Just in case you were wondering, or needed some ideas...



Earth's Best is awesome baby food!



She doesn't have that exact giraffe, but it's very similar.
She's not quite big enough to walk with the walker, but she loves playing with it!!

<3 Have a good weekend.

All pictures courtesy of Google Image

Thursday, July 7, 2011

3 Day Weekend


On Thursday. The baby is sleeping (since she didn't nap much today) and the Mr. is working late.

All alone. It's quiet.

It's nice. It's not often I get time to myself.
So here I sit, blogging, thinking about dieting as my stomach growls, watching Teen Mom. One of the many shows the Mr refuses to watch....along with Pretty Little Liars, Secret Life, and 19 Kids and Counting. He absolutely HATES that show. I kinda dig it. Thank God for the DVR (and every other blessing in our lives!)

Tomorrow starts my 3 day weekend. I am beyond excited.
First thing in the morning I have a dentist appointment. I'm not going to tell you how long it's been since I've been to the dentist, because, well, it's shameful. (Don't worry, I brush and floss everyday! I'm not gross!)
I'm hoping that whatever treatment I need to have done can be done tomorrow so I wont have to worry about missing any more work than I already do. (Physical therapy 3 days a week thanks to our car accident)

Our nanny is going out of town for the next week and a half. So we are going to be using someone she recommended. She was the sitter for her youngest daughter. I met with her 3 times this week, and she interacts great with the baby, and the baby really seems to like her. And I fully trust our nanny and I know she wouldn't suggest someone she didn't trust. An added bonus, she will be coming to our house to keep the baby! I am really excited about this, 1) it gives me more time to sleep in the mornings and 2) the baby will be in her own environment and comfortable as she adjusts to a new person keeping her.
So she's going to come tomorrow while I go to the dentist! I'm so glad!

That's all I've planned so far for my 3 day weekend! The Mr is on call, so chances are, he will be working all weekend. Boo. I usually spend my Saturday cleaning and doing laundry, but I'll be doing that tomorrow after my appointment so my Saturday will be FREE!!! How exciting right?! What will I do, you ask? Probably nothing. That's what I've been doing lately. It's hard to spend time with friends when they don't have kids. And it's just our luck, that none of our friends have any. So we tend to exclude ourselves at times, or get excluded. But whatevs. Maybe the kiddo and I will do something fun?!

That's all for now! Hope you've enjoyed my ramblings.

Enjoy your Friday!! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Newborn again?

That's what it seemed like I had last night. Not an 8 month old baby who sleeps through the night for 11 hour stretches....oh no, a brand new little, bitty baby that wanted to be held and rocked. Heaven forbid you put her down. As soon as her head hit the sheets she'd wake up and start crying again. I definitely don't miss those never ending nights.

God willing it was a one night thing. I think she's about to get more teeth, maybe that's the culprit. She's been gnawing on her hand like there's no tomorrow and I've never seen so much drool!! So gross. We call her Special Agent Grosso. (Those of you with kids can appreciate that!)


We went to Ikea yesterday to look for ideas for a dining room table. Guess what?! We found one we liked, and we bought it! An added bonus, is was under our budget! WAY under our budget!
GRANĂ…S Table and 4 chairs, black, glass
This photo doesn't really do it justice. (thanks  Underneath the glass top there's a little shelf area (kind of) made of cute little squares (which match our decor!) I'm not going to use it for storing napkins or magazines like the description calls for, we're going to put some big, wide bowl and then maybe a bamboo plant on top of the glass..... we'll see.
The chairs however, neither the hubs or myself are a fan of. We bought gray cushions to put on them, which makes them look a little better, but as soon as we find some chairs we like, we'll be replacing them.


Not a whole lot happened this week/weekend. Cleaning, laundry, Ikea, grocery shopping today, and a little relaxing. We were going to check out a Church we were invited to by a colleague, but with the baby's sleepless night last night, we didn't quite make it. So, next Sunday it is.
And the weekend after that we'll be headed to Busch Gardens to spend the day with my dad and sister! I'm really excited because I haven't been in years. I think the last time the hubs and I went was 2006...? I'm not certain, but it's been a long time.
I'd also like to make it to the beach sometime soon, since we live....oh I don't know, half hour from the shore! I'm excited to take the little one since she's such a water baby already!

I hope you all have a safe and fantastic 4th!!
Enjoy your week!!

Oh, and one more thing.....17 days until BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

12 hour diapers?

Why wont someone invent one of those. And it needs to like, make the pee disappear, so my kid isn't just hanging out with a full diaper.

I mean seriously, she will sleep from 8pm to 6am most of the time without waking up, but if I let her, she pees through her diaper, onto her jams and all over her bed.

If I change her diaper in the middle of the night, she wakes up and doesn't want to go back to bed.

I'm at a loss. So looks like I'll be dealing with a wide awake baby when we should both be sleeping.

Someone fix this for me. Please. kthx

This post is totes for you. O.Fosho.



Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

I knew that I wanted to make a huge deal out of Father's Day.

My husband isn't really a romantic kinda guy. I'm OK with that. I've known it from the start......6 years to be exact. So when Mother's Day rolled around, and I didn't get anything, I wasn't all that surprised. He just doesn't think about things like that. It wasn't until the end of the day when he asked why I was moping around that I finally broke down, cried, and told him how my feelings were hurt because he barely acknowledged the fact that it was Mother's day at all (and my first one!).  Needless to say, he felt like total shit. And promised to make it up to me.

It still hasn't happened. But I don't blame him, I'm sure it would have had we not gotten in a car accident and had to buy a new car. Things get in the way of plans we make.

Life happens.

But I do think of things like that. A lot. I had been planning on what I would do for a while. So, here's what I did;

The babe and I woke up at 7:30 and went to the grocery store to pick up his favorite breakfast (cinnamon rolls) and while we were there I grabbed some OJ, chocolate milk (for moi) and some coffee (because we were out, and we needed some!) Maxwell House now has a gourmet blend, and it's delicious. I also found Peppermint mocha creamer by Coffee Mate, which he and I both love! (It's the only thing he will drink from Starbucks, peppermint white chocolate mocha latte) So it was perfect and I knew I had to get it, so I did. I came home and asked him what time he wanted to wake up, he said 9:30, which was also perfect. It gave me plenty of time to feel the baby and put her down for her morning nap. Once she was sleeping, I threw the cinnamon rolls in the oven and started the coffee.

I was going to wake him up. but someone beat me to it. He was on call, and his phone went off....he had to get up and go to work. ::Sad face::
I made him his breakfast, and coffee and gave him his cards; one from me, and one from our daughter. I also had the lyrics to the song "It wont be like this for Long" by Darius Rucker laminated (super fancy pants, I know), and gave it to him. If you haven't heard this song, it's really good. Especially if you have a daughter. He teared up while he was reading it, mission accomplished. Ha. I can't read it, or hear the song without crying, so I knew it was a good choice. After that, I gave him his gift! I reserved a round of golf for him and his buddies for next weekend....he suddenly loves golf, so he was super excited! I am horrible at keeping secrets, well not really, more presents that I have a hard time waiting to give, so I'm really surprised that I was able to wait until Sunday. Pleasantly surprised.

Off he went to work, and the babe and I went grocery shopping. I wanted him to be able to just relax and not have to worry about anything when he got home from work. Then she and I came home, and she took a nap which gave me time to clean our entire place before he got home. And I mean, I seriously cleaned. Like, vacuumed the vacuum kind of clean. He came home to a clean house, full of groceries, and no worries. I took complete care of the babe all day, and night so he could enjoy himself. It was really important to me that he had a great day. And overall, I'm pretty sure he did.

So tell me, how was your father's day spent?!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy first Father's day to the most amazing dad.
We sure have one lucky baby girl!












So much love <3