Sunday, May 29, 2011

Follow up

Well, I thought I'd be posting a picture of my new car here today.....

yeah, that didn't exactly work out. The Mr has crappy credit (we're in the process of fixing it) and I have none, so we were offered a 19% interest rate.

That was with $7,000 down. So yeah, we gracefully backed out....

Next week or so we should be getting the check for my (most likely totaled car) and with that we'll either have a co-signer (which sucks because we're too old for that shit) or we'll just buy a car outright. It all depends on how much we get. So we'll see.

Everything happens for a reason, so I'm not too bummed.

Hope your weekend is going smoothly <3

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Here we go.

Buying our first car.

I'm terrified. This is the second largest purchase a person will make! I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of debt, but you've gotta go, what you've gotta do.

Don't make fun of me if it's a Kia. We weren't planning on buying a car for a few more years, so we hadn't exactly budgeted or started saving. But whatever it is, I'll be proud. I'll hold my head up high, and not be a sissy baby about it. It's my car. Mine. (Well ours, but you know what I mean)

Please, please wish us luck (I actually don't believe in luck so do what ya do, cross fingers, pray whatever you like) We'll need it.

Thanks fellow bloggers!!

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Stay safe, don't drink and drive!
(Most holidays AAA ((I think it's them)) even if you're not a member offer a FREE service... if you've had too much to drink, they'll tow your car home, and give you a ride. A SAFE ride.)
Consider what's at risk. <3

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tough few days.

The title says it all.
After our wreck on Sunday, things have just been... crazy, to say the least.

Here's a recap of the last few days...

After spending hours in the emergency department (in a hallway I might add) we came home and had some visitors. Our friends, (the best ones anyone could ask for) took amazing care of us. They came to the accident scene and took care of all the legalities, swapping info with the other driver, getting the police report and things we needed out of our car. They also bought us a brand new carseat for baby A before coming to the hospital to pick her up. (In case you weren't aware, once you are in an accident your baby's carseat is no longer good, so you have to replace it asap) So our friends were there to meet us when we got home to hand over the little one, and to see how we were doing. They stayed for a bit, as did my dad (who is the greatest dad ever btw) but my mom decided to stay the night to help out. Which she kind of did, but she left the next day. I really wish we had someone here with us still. It's REALLY difficult to take care of an 18lb baby with horrible bruised ribs. (Which I think get worse with every passing day) But we're making due with what we've got. Gotta do, what you've gotta do.

First thing Monday I called an attorney, fingers crossed that they decide to represent us. My poor husband is going to have permanent scars on his face, and I'm going to have terrible anxiety because of this schmuck. We deserve some sort of justice.
Spent most of the day on the phone going back and forth with insurance companies (ugh) and didn't really get much accomplished. We went to the "wrecker" place where they took my car, but they wouldn't let us get our things out of it because it's in my grandmother's name. Waste of time, in a car with no air, in FLORIDA. Thanks.

Tuesday rolls around, wake up feeling like we got hit by a truck, only then to have the truck put in reverse and run me over again. Oh, have I mentioned that the ER gave the Mr and I each a Rx of 10 pills. 10. That's it.
We met with a representative of our attorney at 9am. Filled out about a million forms, answers 10 million questions, and he said he would have one of their doctors get in touch with us so we could have a follow-up appointment, and (hopefully) get some more pain pills. I underestimated bruised ribs.
We spent the rest of the day trying to figure out the rental car situation. After decided that we'll bite the bullet and just buy a car (which I've never done and am terrified) we finally get in contact with the person in charge of that, and she had a rental waiting for me within 15 minutes of talking to her. Thank God. I have to get back to work. I really didn't want to use all of my holiday/sick days if I didn't absolutely have to. She reserved us a 2010 Dodge Charger. My husband is really jealous that I get to drive it and he doesn't. I really didn't care what I got, but after driving it a little, I've got to admit, it's pretty sweet. It's big, and I feel safe driving it.

So that brings us to today. First thing this morning we took my grandmother to the "wrecker" place, and we all took a look at the car, and got our things. We realized that the Mr did hit the windshield. His hair (and a lot of it) was lodged in the broken glass. He figure, since he was in the passenger seat, and we got hit on the driver side he kind of flew out of it, thus hitting the windshield and having half of his face torn off by the airbag. Poor guy.
We spent a good amount of time at the eye doctor trying to get him some new glasses (today, and yesterday) and he will still have to wait a couple of weeks before he gets them. ::Eye roll::

Anyhow, I'm still hurting, and haven't heard from a doctor, but I'm going back to work tomorrow. I have to, I need to, and I'm looking forward to it. 

Here are some of my injuries. 
This is from the seatbelt. 

And this is right below my right knee. 

I also have the worst bruise I've EVER seen on my lower abdomen. But I'll keep those pictures to myself. Not everything is interweb friendly. ;)

Wordless Wednesday (Well, there is one word)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. I've never been in a more terrifying situation.

My husband, myself and our daughter were involved in a near head on collision. Some punk ass kid thinking he had enough time to turn in front of us..... he clearly did not. 

Our daughter was untouched. Not a scratch, and I will thank God every day for the rest of my life for protecting her. 

I have a pretty nasty bruise on my knee, some burns on my arms from the airbag and really bad bruising and burns across my shoulder and chest from the seatbelt.  I've also got some bruised ribs (they might as well be broken as badly as they hurt.)

My poor husband is a totally different story. The airbag gave him some pretty nasty cuts on his face. It also ripped of his left eyebrow, and the majority of his eyelashes are missing as well. He has cuts on numerous places on his scalp and has lots of bald spots. It's incredible how something designed to save your life can cause so much damage. He will definitely have some facial scarring, but we're hoping his eyebrow will grow back. 

Here are some pictures.... not for weak stomachs. 

My poor, poor car. 
I was the driver by the way, and have less serious injuries than my husband.

This is me in the ambulance
(Guess I wasn't in too much pain since I could document along the way)

This is us in the emergency room. We never had a room of our own.
We stayed in the hallway for nearly 5 hours.  

My poor, poor hubby. 

Me again, this time in the hospital 
( I was on the backboard WAY to long)

Horrible quality super zoomed in picture of my boo

A close up shot of his cuts and missing eyebrow/hair

Trying to keep his spirits up

Thank God we're all going to be just fine.

Well, that's how my weekend was. How was yours?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New place reveal....

As I promised, here are pictures of our new place.
Please keep in mind that we are still missing a few key items, I'll point those out with each picture...

Welcome to our home

Entry Way
We just bought this key holder yesterday from Pier 1 
I absolutely love it. This picture does not do it justice.

Our living area. 
Please excuse the bare walls, eventually there will be a larger TV mounted on the wall.
Our current TV is only 42", and it's not big enough. Our new one will be at least 50".
We're also bouncing around the idea of which entertainment center we want...

Our movie/video game collection and babe's corner.
Normally I have our DVDs alphabetized, but with a 6 month old, my time is limited
(although I guess I could be doing it now instead of blogging lol)
Oh, and yes, I am watching Family Guy. Seth Macfarlane cracks my shit up. 

Microfiber does not photograph well.
Again, eventually there will be something on the wall above the couch. 
We're thinking a very large picture of something, New York City, Paris...Something.

Back Patio. 
Right outside our screened in porch, is a cute little pond.
You can always find ducks quacking away, and turtles hanging out on rocks. 

Our Dining Area. 
We do not have a table yet, we didn't have room in our last place,
but it's definitely at the top of our list. 
Oh, and see the teeny, tiny closet between the pictures and the garbage can?
Yeah, thats our stackable washer/dryer that holds no more than 3 towels at a time.
Laundry sucks these days. From 3 loads a week, to 8. 

Our Bar/Kitchen
Maybe we'll get stools, maybe not...Not sure yet. 
Now we use it as a place to throw mail, and cell phones. 
Although currently, 
it's home to a lovely bouquet of flowers the hubs got me for our anniversary.

And the hallway.
Take a left, you'll find a bathroom, the linen closet, and the baby's room.
Her room isn't complete yet, and until it is, I'm keeping it a secret! 
Take a right, you'll find another bathroom, and our master bedroom.
I believe in keeping somethings up to the imagination, so our bedroom wont be pictured ;) 

And there you have it. 1250 luxurious square feet of home. Our home. The Mr. and I have been talking a lot lately about purchasing, so within 2 years or so, we'll start looking for a house. Just talking about it makes me beyond excited, so until then, this will be out last apartment.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. ;)
Have a great week!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

6 months....

My babe is 6 months old (actually she's closer to 7 months, so shoot me I'm late)
She had her check up this morning at 8am. Her doctor was kind enough to show up at 9:30.
Meh, things happen (traffic anyone?)

So, she weighs 18lbs 7oz, is 26 3/4 in long, and her head circumference is 17 (If I'm remembering correctly)
She is in the 90th percentile in weight and head circumference, and 75th percentile in height. This is the first appointment they have actually given me her percentages. Jerks.
She was tired and grumpy, and on top of all that, got 3 shots and an oral vaccination. She didn't appreciate that very much, she screamed and cried, but only for about 2 minutes then she was over it. She's such a good baby.
She's on top of all of her milestones, and her doc suggested we introduce the 'sippy cup' ....... She says it'll be easier to wean her off the bottle if we do, so we might just pick one up this weekend. She also told me that things are changing, and it is now recommended that kids be in rear facing car-seats until they are two!? I hadn't seen any seats that would fit a kid that big that faces the back... I don't know.

As you know, we've been working out daily. Well, we haven't stopped. The Mr. says he has lost 7 pounds! I'm so proud. I haven't been on a scale since January. I feel the longer I go between adventures on the scale, and bigger jump downward haha.  I have no clue what I weigh, nor do I want to know....yet anyway. Close to my pre-pregnancy weight!! So close!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WHAAAAAAT?! (some cursing involved)




Sorry for all caps, but I love her. And this is right up there next to the birth of my child, and my wedding day. 
holyfuckingshit. Excuse my French, I'm going to see Britney. 
It's Britney Bitch.