Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I always have the hardest time thinking of an opening line, and a title. 
That made it pretty easy. The title is my number of posts. 
Maybe I'll start a trend...doubt it. Meh.

Whats been going on here, you ask? 
A whole lot of nothing exciting really. 

I went back to working full-time. Super excited about the amount of moolah the Mr. and I will have, that's definitely a plus. I did have to take the babe back to the nanny for those last 2 days of the week though. I miss our Thursday/Friday mommy/daughter days. And not having to do 4 loads of laundry all in one day. But whater ya gunna do? 

Speaking of, the babe is rolling all over the place (not sure if I had mentioned that recently or not.) She is also getting up on her knees when she is on her tummy, so she should be crawling soon! How crazy is that? She is growing up so fast. She's almost 5 months old, almost half of a year old....and I still don't have a theme picked out for her 1st birthday bash! Yes, I am going to be one of those slightly crazy and obsessed moms who is going to throw a ridiculous bash for her child that they wont even remember (except for the ridiculously insane amount of pictures) If only I knew more kids her age to invite.....we'll figure something out. 

We're moving 2 weeks from Saturday (I just looked at a calendar and saw that it is in fact 2 weeks, holy shit) I'm ready to have a large place. Our current space is very small, and we're quickly outgrowing it. I'm also very excited to do the babe's nursery! CanNotWait for that! 

The hubs bought the new Xbox last night. ::eyeroll::
But also the KINECT! Woot! BItches! HAH! That, I'm excited about (can ya tell?!) Buh bye remaining baby weight, hello pre-pregnancy clothes, soon enough, with all of the kinect exercising I'll be doing. ;) 

Things are really good right now, and I'm very happy. 
See you tomorrow with a picture 

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Carol said...

Glad to hear it! We just got Just Dance 2 for our Wii and I plan on dancing off some weight...who am I kidding, I'm gunna dance for fun!