Saturday, June 11, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Today the hubs and I took our little one to Animal Kingdom!

I had never been (neither had our daughter of course) and I was really looking forward to it!! We have a ton to do this weekend, and I wanted to make sure we fit this into our schedule!

So, we woke up at......wait for it......6AM! Yep, I'm serious. 6am on a Saturday. We had to go get some power steering fluid for our car (since when we bought it, it was practically bone dry. Assholes) So we drove about 20 miles in the opposite direction of where we needed to go to buy some. We get to the place and they fill up our power steering fluid, along with topping off all of the other fluids too! FOR FREE! They said if we're ever in town, swing by, they'll top everything off and wash it FOR FREE! I feel like we're members of some sort of elite club. It was pretty awesome! After that we went and filled up the gas tank, (got myself a sugar free redbull ((YUM)) ) and headed to Disney!!

They opened at 9, and we got there at about 10.....prepare yourself for picture overload...

Ok for some reason the order they were uploaded, it not the way they are showing.....ugh

Mt. Everest

Little Miss. So excited (but she doesn't know why!)

The Entrance

 Before the fun started!

The Tree of Life


Super cute fake giraffe <3 

Love birds

Huge turtle 

Where we spent most of our time

So pretty!

Authentic African Man

My daughter, the people watcher

Daddy love

Swimming hippo!

Huge Gator!

Interesting upside down tree

Going on safari


They were so close!


White rhinos

Super excited post animal watching

African drummer

Tree of Life up close

Dinoland USA

So that was our day. We had an amazing time, I can't wait to go back when she's a little older and can really enjoy everything that Disney has to offer.

(BTW Mickey was no where to be found. So no picture with him today :(   )

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