Monday, September 5, 2011

Where to begin.....

Friday I picked up babe from her nanny, and wouldn't you know it..... She got hurt.

She was pulling up on a little corner table and before the nanny could get to her, it tipped and smacked her right in the face. She's got quite the bruise to show for it.

Needless to say, I was furious. I entrust you with my child, on a daily basis, I pay you to take care of her as if she were your own, and you let her get injured?! How far away were you from her that you couldn't get to her before it fell?! It is your job to be there within arms reach at all times, and when you can't be, she needs to be put somewhere where she can't get hurt; pack & play, hard is that?!
I'm not the perfect mother, by any means, but if I were compensated to take care of someone else's child, you can bet your ass I'd be right there, at.all.times.

She could tell how furious I was, to the point that while I strapping in my (still sniffling) baby into her car seat, she came and told me if I didn't want her to keep A anymore she would understand. All of this was said in between sobs. She was clearly extremely upset that this happened and felt incredibly guilty. So while I was still pissed that it happened (still am as a matter of fact) I gave her a hug and told her accidents happen. I did give her this week off anyway (which I had planned to do long before the accident happened btw) and next week we'll go back to our normal schedule. But, if anything like this happens again, I can't say that we'll stay with her.
We got her home and examined the injury, and luckily it wasn't even tender. She's fine, thank God.
We had plans to go out that night and since she was fine we kept our plans and went out. The Mr and I went to our first college football game! We had such a great time. The Mr (as most men do) loves football (and every other sport there is ::eye roll:: ) whereas I'm not the biggest fan. But it being our first time, I knew we were going to have a good time. We got there around 430 and kick off was at 7. The college kids had been tailgating since noon. NOON! I had never seen so many drunk college kids! Hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands.
Our seats were incredible, my boss is a booster and gets free seats and since she (is super rich and awesome) has her own club box seats she lets the employees have the others. 17 rows up corner end zone.  Crazy.
UCF vs Charleston Southern.
62-0 UCF. We kicked their asses!!
We're going again this weekend. We're playing Boston College, so I don't think it'll be quite the sweep this game was. But you never know.
Sunday we took advantage of some Labor Day sales, we bought a 55 inch LCD LG tv. I must say it looks great where our old 46in used to sit!!
We also got to spend some time with my sister in law. Not as much time as we would have liked, but luckily we'll be seeing her again in a couple of months!! It was good to see her, and she got to meet the little finally, so it was a great day :)
All in all, that was our weekend. Back to the real world now. I actually had to work today, so I'm taking Friday off and getting my hair done, and hitting a few Dr. appointments. I'll also be doing all of my house work that day so we can relax and actually enjoy the weekend for a change. Weekends never last long enough.

Hope you have an awesome week!! <3

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