Thursday, April 3, 2014

39 weeks....NO the baby hasn't arrived yet

How far along? 39 weeks...

How big is baby?  20  inches, 7 pounds The size of a mini watermelon

Maternity clothes? Yes, oh yes! 

Sleep: Sleep is still pretty good; If I sleep on my left side too long, my shoulder hurts (previous broken collarbone to thank for that) and if I sleep on my right side too long, my arm goes numb. If I sleep on EITHER side too long, my hips start hurting. lol

Movement: Early afternoon and around 8pm are her busiest times

Food cravings: Still Sprite

Food Aversions: Tomatoes

Gender: All girl 

Pregnancy Symptoms: Swelling in my hands and feet, heavy belly, night sweats, irritability, backache, rib pain, dear God, the rib pain!!!! 

Belly Button in or out? Sometimes flat, sometimes a little bit out! 

What I miss: Beer ;)

What I am looking forward to: Having this baby! :) Hopefully soon!! 

Come on, baby. It's time to GET OUT!!! 
If we hadn't already decided that this will be our last one, I would have decided on my own, the last few weeks have been HELL, and I'm over it. 

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