Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend update...

This weekend has been crazy busy. So busy in fact, that I've hardly had a chance to relax.
Friday night was our typical Friday when the Mr. is on call. Surprisingly he didn't get called out. ::Smiley face::

Saturday little miss was up at the butt crack of dawn as she is everyday. 6am. It never fails. So I got up with her, gave her a little breakfast and we hung out for about 45 minutes before she decided she was just kidding and wanted to go back to bed. Fine by me. I got to go back to sleep from 7 to 8:30. I'd happily get up at 8:30am on the weekends. I'd welcome that with open arms. Anything has got to be better than 6!
Anyhow, I had to leave by 9:15, so I showered got ready, got the little one ready, kissed the hubs g'bye and headed out the door.
Dropped A off at 9:30 and made it to the salon by 9:50! My appointment was at 10! I had to get my roots done. Going blonde when you have naturally dark hair requires some serious upkeep; so every 6 weeks like clockwork I go see my girl who makes magic happen :)
After that, around 12ish I think, I headed to Ulta to get some conditioner for this damaged hair of mine. (And I needed to get a new comb since I broke mine combing through my wet hair a week before. Srsly)
Then is was off to pick up the babe, and head to the dealership where we bought our car, they needed to do something, take pictures? I have no idea really. Did that, got 2 miles down the road, and had to turn around and go back because they didn't get everything they needed. ::Eye roll::
When we finished there, we swung by Babies R us to pick up some inserts for her Dr. Brown's bottles.
FINALLY 6 hours after we left we got home. The Mr. had a super bad headache so we just kinda hung out for the rest of the night. (I went to bed around 9:45, because I'm cool like that)
I was hoping to go to a fashion show that I had VIP tickets to but had no one to go with. (That'll be changing soon though ;)  )  Had the Mr. not been on call, we definitely would have gone. Whatever.
Night 2 that he didn't get called out.

Today we skipped church :( We didn't want to be in the middle of the service and have to leave because he got called out! So it was his turn to get up with the babe, and I got to sleep in until 10am!!!!! It was amazing. Seriously. Amazing. That's love folks.
Got up, fed the babe, got ready went to the Audi dealership to get our oil changed, and wouldn't ya know it, they're closed on Sunday. I would have known this, but I thought my dear husband looked up their hours, I thought wrong. So we had 2 hours to kill before we had to be home. So we decided to go to Ikea. <3
We ended up getting a huge picture to put above our couch in the living room. It looks amazing. It was QUITE the adventure getting it from Ikea to our place though. It didn't fit in our car....but that's a whole other post in itself.
It looks great if I do say so myself.
We made it home just in time. We had a technician from Brighthouse scheduled to come between 3 and 5 to fix our DVR. Guess what time he showed up?! 4:59. I'm not exaggerating. He was here for about 20 minutes and fixed our problem. I am really starting to hate brighthouse. It's always something with them. Whatever.
That brings us to now, I've still got 2 loads of laundry to finish and a grumpy baby to put to bed.

Have a great week. :)

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