Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No more puppies and/or rainbows

Baby A is apparently going through a growth spurt.
I knew it was coming. I guess I didn't quite prepare myself for what it would entail.

I suppose it started the night before last. Kiddo sucked down 4oz as opposed to her usual 2, right before bedtime. She slept like a champ. It.Was.Wonderful.

Sadly, when she has a good night, it is more often than not followed by a terrible, horrible, very bad night. Believe me when I say, this rang true last night. (Insert sadface)

Little miss drank (ate, whatever) her 4oz at about 10:30. Got all snuggled, and swaddled, and I put her to bed around 11ish. Usually she will sleep 2 1/2 to 3 hours at a time before waking up to eat. HA! She woke up for her first night feeding at 12:30. It took her about an hour to eat and get all snugly again, and I put her back to bed. Previous nights would lead me to believe that she wouldn't wake up again until 4 or 4:30....again, ha! She was up at 2:45. Repeat cycle; eat, snuggle, swaddle, bed. 4:00 rolls around, she's up again. Repeat cycle. Daddy comes home during this feeding, and the 3 of us hit the sack, it's now 5:30ish. 7am...little miss is up. We get up, and eat. I try to put her to sleep...she is wiiiiiiiiiiiide awake. She is grumpy. She wants to eat every hour, and in between if she isn't fussing, she is straight up crying.

I am miserable at this point. I haven't had nearly enough sleep as one needs to function. She stays awake. No break for momma. Daddy gets out of bed around 1 (he's working nights this week by the way) and I hand over the kiddo, and get in the shower. This is "me time." I'm in the shower for maybe 20 minutes, I get out, and low and behold....she is sleeping on her daddy's chest. SERIOUSLY?! You make mommy suffer for 6 hours being a fussy, crying baby, only to pass out immediately when your daddy takes over? Why little girl? Why do you enjoy making me miserable?

So, of course, she has spent the majority of today sleeping. Trying to keep her up during the day so she will sleep at night...ha. Not happening. I'm not looking forward to tonight.

Wish me luck.

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