Sunday, November 28, 2010

One down, one to go....

This week has been kind of crazy. So here's my attempt to recap...

Thanksgiving was Thursday, we woke up and hung out around the house for most of the afternoon. We didn't have to be anywhere until 4pm so we had plenty of time to kill. So the hubs and I sat around watching football and relaxed a bit. About 345ish we loaded up the car and headed out to the Greene's for dinner.

Baby A was the main attraction as always, which I can honestly say I don't mind because I love that everyone loves her, and loves to hold her and take care of her, it gives me a much needed break.

I knew most of the people there (there were like, 20 people there btw) but you know it's always awkward when you're hanging around people you don't know. Luckily I knew the majority, so it was fine. Dinner was ready about 430ish and it was amazing. There was everything from turkey, tofurkey, sweet potatoes, and even a turducken (turkey/duck/chicken) which I didn't try, but heard it was good. I was super proud of myself for eating small portions, but I did go back for seconds on the sweet potatoes and green bean casserole (YUM)...I wanted to save some room for dessert...derr.

Speaking of, there was apple cobbler (I think), carrot cake, and pumpkin cheesecake. I had the cheesecake since it is fall, and there wasn't an actual pumpkin pie, this was the next best thing. Jessica made it and it was suuuuuper good. I couldn't finish it because I was still full, but Chad had no problem finishing it off for me.

I guess I should mention that the night before, the guys went to the liquor store to stock up on drinks. I'll have you know, I had 2 glasses of wine, and 3 margaritas (patron margs at that) I was a little buzzed, but knew I wouldn't be driving and was still able to take care of my baby responsibly.

Before and after dinner there was corn hole in the backyard being played. I didn't play 1)I was wearing a dress 2)I already know I suck so there was no reason so show everyone. They all had a good time playing!

Anyway, after dinner we all hung out in the kitchen had a few more drinks and then it was off to Jessica and Vann's for a little game playing. We played HedBanz (google it)... I hadn't heard of this game before, but it looked fun. We ended up playing it for hours and it was super fun, but also realllllly hard. You should definitely buy it!

And that, my friends, was Thanksgiving.

Black Friday. Boo. The hubs, bebe, Jessica, Lindsey and myself went to the Florida Mall to do a little browsing and shopping...Dumb. This was our first real outing with the kiddo, and there was about a million people there. We were there until Baby A started throwing a fit, which wasn't long, well maybe it was I don't really know. We did, however, purchase a super cute dress from baby gap for our family Christmas card! So I'll say it was a success.

Now Saturday....Awesome. Chad and I got new cell phones! My phone had been broken for a year. It was really sad. Chad inherited a phone from Linds after his old one took a shit. He got some LG andriod, and I got a blackberry. Finally. Now that they are no longer cool, I got one. Whatever, I love it, and it's super cute and not to mention purple! I thought it was going to take me foooooorever to learn how to use it, but after a couple of hours, I've got it down. Texting, however, may take a little longer than expected due to the size of the keys. Whatever, I'm a happy camper. They were early Christmas presents to ourselves, since this Christmas is going to be about the little one and not so much us.

That was our holiday week(end) now all that's left is to get a tree, some stockings, decorate them both, and do some shopping/wrapping for the bebe and we'll be ready for the next round of holidays. (That and mentally preparing ourselves for Christmas lunch & dinner with my family.) Wish us luck with that!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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