Friday, January 28, 2011


Here I sit, on a Friday night, on my couch. It's 1030 and we just put the little one to bed.

I cried a little tonight.

The Mr. and I talked about the day babe was born. He told me things he remembered, and I told him things I remembered.

My heart melted. Although I don't remember all the details, I remember whats important. And you know what, I have a few regrets. Surprisingly, I regret not having a mirror so I could watch her enter the world. I thought I didn't want to see that, but now I wish I had.

I've said numerous times she will be our only, that I'd never do it again. That's a lie. I loved being pregnant, I loved the experience of her delivery (minus the pain ((that I don't remember)) ) To be quiet honest, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. The tough times only last a few months, then it's on to the fun stuff.

I just wanted to fill you all in on my Friday night. It used to consist of bars and booze, and while booze may still be included, times have definitely changed. For the better.

(Batman is also on in the background so I'm sorry if I jumped around) :)

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