Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well it's about time.

It took me 5 minutes to think of a title for this post. Really?! Whatevs.

This year has started off great.
After not having a full time job in well over a year, I am now currently employed with a company in association with Disney. It rocks. I work Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30. I get off just in time too...right before traffic on I4 goes to hell. It's an office job so I get to dress all fancy! Which is both good and bad. I currently have no clothes that fit me. I have yet to return to my pre-pregnancy weight/size, and to be quite honest, I'm not sure if I will ever be the same size again. Having a daughter blessed me with hips I didn't have before, so my super narrow, super skinny jeans, well, I think they're going to stay packed away. Insert sadface.
The good side of this however, is I get to buy all new clothes! YAY! What woman doesn't love new clothes? I'm very excited to add to my (quite bare) closet. Also SHOES! HeelsHeelsHeels! Yes please! Gah, I could burst from excitement!

I should probably mention this job DOUBLED our income. Yep, I make the same amount of moolah as the Mr. That, my loyal readers, is awesome. We have always lived paycheck to paycheck, and my hubs taught me how to be frugal. (Only after I went grocery shopping alone for the first time when we moved in together and spent $200 and came home with juice, and not much else.) Now we'll have enough money to do things. Whatever we want, whenever we want and not have to worry about being able to pay our bills. First things first, we're buying a coffee pot. A good one. Thank God! I have missed coffee so much! I'll be glad to have it back. (But don't think this will keep me away from Starbucks at least once a week!)

Another thing, I got a car!!! Woohoo! I have been without a vehicle of my own since March of 2010. I had a good ol' (not so) trusty truck. 2 doors, 4 cylinder, 2 seats...too small for a baybee! ;) It croaked March 6th, and was left on the side of the road.
Now, I have a Nissan Altima. It's old, don't get too excited. It's a 2001, but it only has 64,500 miles on it! Annnnd brand new tires (with no hubcaps, so it looks like I'm riding around on 4 doughnuts lol but we can fix that) 4 doors and a big trunk! It feels so good to know I'm not stranded anymore.

The Mr. got promoted on Friday! While this doesn't include a pay raise just yet, there will be one coming. He is in the construction business, so they will be supplying him with a company vehicle (when he gets a Florida driver's license ((which I need to do as well)) and when they have one available.) He also has to take a few classes and get certified, once that is done...hello $3 raise!

A few side notes:
My job gets us into Disney free :)
We'll be saving up to buy our first house in approx. 3 years.
We'll be paying off our debt!! :)
And we'll be moving to a bigger place within the next couple of months.

I might also mention that me working full time means the little one will be spending her days with a nanny. I'm sad I wont be able to spend all day everyday with her, but I know this is giving us the opportunity to make her life better. Our nanny is fantastic. She worked in a day care for 20 years and is currently certified in cpr and first aid! We met with her on Thursday and we all clicked really well! Her first day is tomorrow, so fingers crossed it all goes well (and I don't cry)!

So it's 16 days into 2011 and I've got to say... things are finally looking up.


Jenna said...

thats awesome! where do you live? we are obviously pretty close.I am in leesburg!

Carol said...

Things are lookin' up! This is fantastic news! I just love it when shit falls in to place :)