Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week(end) Update

This week flew by, I think it was because I knew I'd be getting paid on Friday (for the first time in a very long time). I'm starting to really like my job. Friday rolled around and 2 people were out of the office so it was mainly myself and 2 others, we hung out, working, chatting and listening to the radio. When lunch rolled around I told them that they needed to think of me and not talk to each other in Spanish the whole time, like usual, and they did! Finally I felt included! I got lots of work done, and when 430 rolled around, I flew out the door, down I4 and got to the nanny's to pick up my little one. (Who, by the way is 3 months old today!!)

Saturday we got up and moving around 9ish, and were out the door by 10. We spent the day apartment hunting. We visited 4 or 5 different communities, and didn't really have much luck. See, in the past we have really just checked out one place and moved in. This time we want to take our time and find the perfect place for us. Our current place is way too small, and we'd like to have a lot more space, for one, so A can have her own room, and two, so we can have people over and not feel like we're sitting on top of one another. We saw two that we really liked, but we made too much money to live in one, and the other was too small, it was gorgeous and in the perfect location, but not for us. So, we'll continue the search next weekend. (I also didn't feel like working at my second job so I called around and got someone to work for me ;) ) I spent the rest of the day cleaning instead of working!

We ended the night renting The Social Network, drinking a few and passing out. To be honest, I went to bed about half way though the movie, so I finished it this morning. ;)

Today consisted of lounging around and not doing much. Baby A has been a grump all day, so I'm glad it's almost over. I finished up laundry and we went for a walk (it was a gorgeous day) and that was pretty much it. Exciting huh?

My 3 month old babe

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