Friday, February 25, 2011

Bounce around update.

play hard.. love deep... say your prayers before you sleep.. love your neighbors... forgive your foes.. for life is short, how long? who knows... so see these rules and take them in.. for life may be hard, but love will win...

No that is not a JMo original, but I read it and loved it and thought I'd share.

It's been a pretty good week. My 3 days of work seemed to drag on, but Thursday finally arrived. Not before Wednesday (obvs) which was my wonderful hubby's 29th birthday!! He is so bummed about turning 30 it's ridiculous. I could not care less to be quite honest. Maybe it's because I'm only (about to be) 24 and I have a few more years in my 20's to go...who knows.
Anyhow, I asked about 100 times what he wanted and he said nothing, like he usually does, so I got him a lunch box for work. He had been taking his lunch to work in Walmart bags, and it was a pretty sad sight. I figured since he wouldn't tell me what he wanted, I would get him something he needed and could use everyday. He liked it! I got him a card from me, and one from our babe. It was SUPER sweet! AND my dad sent him a card too! With money in it! I was so surprised! My dad's a cool guy though. I'm sorry you all will never know the awesome-ness that is my father.
I guess we're going out tonight with friends to celebrate. The babe will be coming so hopefully she'll behave. We really need to find at least one other person that we can trust to watch her. Other than her weekday nanny, we have one person. And what if we need someone to keep her when that person can't? We're screwed.

I'm currently looking for another job, I was cut down to 3 days a week after only working full time for 2 weeks. It pretty much sucks, but at least I still have some sort of income. And 3 days is definitely better than none at all. Our HR person gave me a couple of resources to go through, and I sent out a couple applications/resumes. Maybe I'll hear back...that'd be awesome!

As of tomorrow I will have been a non-smoker for 1 YEAR! That's right. We found out February 26th 2010 that we were expecting and I smoked my last cigarette... I still miss smoking. I want to do it everyday. But I don't. And I wont. It's not fair to my it's just getting the MR. to quit....

I know this kind of jumped around all over the place but that's how things go these days....

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Carol said...

Whoo hoo for you! I'm proud of you :) I remember when I was growing up always begging my dad to quit and complaining about the smell - you are sparing yourself the annoyance of nagging children :)