Friday, February 18, 2011

Soo sleepy

My kid went to bed last night at 1030.
Then she woke up at 1

Then again at 2...

and for a final time at 5.....we've been up ever since.

Now, when I saw we, I mean, we were both awake. I did some laundry, and made myself a nice big cup o' joe. As soon as I downed it, BAM! The kid passes out. OF COURSE since I finished off my coffee, I'm too wired to go back to sleep, so updating here, and watching Regis & Kelly it is.

The plan for today is to dress the kid all cute (myself too, of course) and head to the mall. I need to return some jeans to the Gap, they're too big ::huge grin::
I've never been to the mall by myself with the little one, so I'm sure today will be an adventure. And my luck would have it that the little mall close to my house doesn't have a Gap so I have to go out to the biiiiiig mall. Boo.

Well I was going to make this a nice, long entry, but the kid has this'll have to do.

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Carol said...

Ha. I hate nights like that...but kudos for too big jeans! I don't have that problem :(