Monday, February 28, 2011

I love Mondays

Why, you ask?

Well, because of this guy

He cracks my shit up. He is such a dick, but it's something about those eyes, and that fact that he is British, and you'd never know it.

Also, Monday is the hubs night to get up with the kiddo. Which leaves me nice and rested for Tuesday....which we all know is GLEE (only the best show EVER)

Let me recap my thoughts on the Oscars..... bo-ring.
And seriously, you win the Oscar for Best actress in a supporting role (wtf happened to Best Supporting Actress) and you drop the F BOMB?! Really?! The one and only time it has ever happened in 83 years of Oscar history. Classy lady.
And that poor, poor old man, what was his name, I don't remember. It was so sad. He was so old, I couldn't even understand him when he spoke. ::sadface::
James Franco could not have been and higher. Loser.
Overall, not impressed. They were supposed to revamp to interest the younger demographic, I'd have to say, you barely passed. C-

Anyhow, the babe is 4 months old today!! 4 MONTHS!
I'll have to do an update on that later though, House calls.... (pun intended)

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j.greene said...

I thought the Oscars sucked too! Like all their thank you speeches were SO DAMN LONG. Like for realz. We understand you want to thank everyone that you can think of, but rehears something short and sweet beforehand!