Saturday, February 5, 2011

My mid-weekend post

This is new. I usually don't have time to post anymore since I'm gone Monday through Friday from 7a to 6p.....but I've got a few minutes since the kiddo is napping.

The hubs and I have been apartment shopping for the last 2 weeks, and I think we may have found one.
We really wanted to move closer to our nanny who lives about 15 miles east of us, so we looked and looked and had no luck at all. The places we saw were either run down looking, in a bad area, or smaller than we wanted.
Well, the complex right next to where we are living now has been bought by new owners, and they're renovating and updating them. The hubs checked them out last week before I got home, and he has been raving about them ever since, so today we finally went so I could see it. Oh.My.God. While the outside still isn't as nice as it could be (they painted them really odd colors, think brown and tan that seems more purple and peach) the inside is really nice. Not to mention, HUGE. I think the living room there is nearly half the size as our current place. We literally looked at every available place within a 15 mile radius, and this is the best place. Although it doesn't get us any closer to our nanny, it nearly doubles our living space, for just a little more each month. Now we can have people over and not feel like we're sitting on top of one another. We'll be moving April 1st. I'm ready. Our place is way too small for us. Our growing babe takes up more room than we thought.

And with that, I'm outta here.

I'm secretly hoping Pittsburgh wins tomorrow. (Don't tell the Mr.) ;)

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