Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So today has been the most uneventful day everrr! My knocked up ass did my "wifely duties" of laundry, cooking and cleaning, all while my wonderful husband/daddy-to-be played video games. Which, honestly, I don't mind as long as I don't have to watch.

I have had this awful pain right below where my bra sits all day today. I decided that removing the wire from said bra would solve this problem. It did. Temporarily. I guess because now that baby is getting big, all of my guts have been shifted upward, so the bottom of my bump is baby and the top is, well, my guts. Blech! Nothing that's going to kill me, obvs, just an annoying pain.


So, (in the dream) I'm sleeping, and wake up to pee, which I do IRL 3 or 4 times a night. As I sit on the toilet, my water breaks. A horrible gush of rapids, let me tell you. So I figure, well it must be time. I'm all cool and collected (which I hope to be) and we get our shit together and jet off to the hospital. We get there (we being hubs and I) and I tell them I want drugs immediately. I'm not in any pain, but I've read horror stories about women waiting to long to get them and then its too late.....ha! That will NOT be me, I promise you that. So they give me the drugs, and I go to sleep. I wake up and its time to push. So I do. Twice. And shes here. They hand her to Chad to place on the scale, which is weird and has a crumpled up paper lining on it, and I can see it as if I waltz right over there myself (not like I just went through labor and delivery or anything) he puts her on it, and low and behold! 8pounds 5 ounces. Clear as day! Please God let this be her true weight. That I can handle, 9+ pounds like all the babies in mine and Chads family....not so much. And thats the dream. Nothing special, but soo vivid. I wake up wondering if my water broke in the dream, or irl. I seriously ponder this for the majority of the morning, and finally come to the conclusion that it had to be in the dream, I would know....right?

Tosh is almost on.

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