Monday, August 9, 2010

Mini Vent

Can I just say that exercising alone is totally lame? It sucks. As I posted last week, I will be doing some form of walking/exercising everyday now that I'm in my final stretch of pregnancy. And everyday since posting that, I have, whether it be walking around our complex, or IKEA, or swimming, I've done something to keep that promise to myself. Anyway, Chad went out of town this morning for work, and he'll be gone all week, so I'm all by myself and I decided to go for a myself.... LAME. For one, it was hotter than hell (but it's Florida, should I expect anything less? NO.) and two, I had no one to talk to. So I walked for about 20 minutes and came home. I really wish I was ballsy enough to swim in the pool, but I just can't bring myself to flaunt my big, fat pregnant ass in front of strangers in a pool of urine and pubes. BLECH! OK, vent over.

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