Monday, September 13, 2010

33 weeks, a few days late....

So here I am dear readers, a few days after I hit the 33 week mark, sorry I slacked, but anyhow, here goes.....

•How far along?: 33 weeks 4 days.

•How big is baby?: Over 4 pounds and about 17 inches long. About the size of a pineapple. (mmm now I want to eat Thai Villa!)

•Maternity clothes?: With the exception of some jammies and VERY few shirts.

•Stretch marks?: ugh. battle scars, sure. Nothing too serious...fingers crossed! :)

•Sleep?: I'm sleeping well, it's falling asleep that seems to be the problem these days. It's recommended to sleep on your left side when KU, which I've been doing, but now, baby girl is so big, she has moved all my organs up and they squish my lungs making it difficult to breathe. So I've had to add an extra pillow and sleep in a semi-inclined position. Also, I'm sweating like a bitch at night, it's really disgusting, and only going to get worse post par-tum.

•Food cravings?: Fried chicken and biscuits. God I want a biscuit! With some honey on it. YUM

•Labor signs?: YES! Today while sitting in the waiting room at the docs office, I started having little contractions. She said it was nothing to worry about, so I came home, drank a ton of water, and they stopped. Whatever, I'm ready.

•Belly button in or out?: Innie. I really don't think it's going to pop out! Which is kind of a relief!

•What I miss: My pre preg body and weight, being able to shave easily, and the parts of my body I can no longer see. Being able to get up easily, and not peeing 100 times a day.

•What I'm looking forward to: Having my baby, and returning to my regularly scheduled peeing. :)

I lost 5 pounds. WOO! I was a little sad when I learned at my last appointment that I had gained 7 pounds (great movie btw). Chad had been out of town, so I blame it on the fast food and eating marshmallow fluff straight from the jar. So imagine the size of my smile when I saw the scale today. I'm also starting to not care for my OB. I like her as a person, but as a doctor...not so much. She doesn't really answer the questions I have for her, which isn't a lot, or often, she just kind of brushes them off. At least they're never anything serious. Not that I'd know anyway. Gah!

Today at my appointment doc had an intern with her. I honestly don't care about that, because I mean, they have to learn somehow, who am I to stand in the way of teaching? He was very shy. It was funny. What was NOT funny however, was how FUCKING long it took them to find baby's heartbeat. I was NOT a happy camper. At all. I knew everything was okay because baby was moving around like CRAZY which was probably why it was taking forever. Still. I was freaking out. Finally, they found it, and it was nice and strong. Thank God.

Semi speaking of God; I have to get this out, and it is TOTALLY not baby related so read on if you will;
An ignorant person I know posted on facebook about how pissed she was about the building of a Mosque in Manhattan. She went on to bitch and moan, her husband is in the military blah blah blah. I didn't say anything then, but wish I had. So here, for my loyal or not-so-loyal readers, my retort.
Ahem. They would like to have the Mosque built 2 blocks from Ground Zero, not in place of where one of the twin towers once stood. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and not all terrorists are Muslims. Recall if you will, Columbine High school, the Virginia Tech massacre, or Pearl Harbor for God's sake! If that Mosque is not built, we are no longer America. Do some fucking research you dumb, inbred, white trash, back wood, redneck bitch before you go talking shit on a public social networking site making yourself look like a complete ignorant racist.

::Steps off soapbox::

Phew, that felt good.
I'll be back in a couple of days.

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