Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's that time again

That's right folks....

We're moving.

I doubt I've mentioned it in previous posts, but... I hate moving.
I don't hate a lot of things. You shouldn't hate. We don't need that floating around in the universe. (famous Phoebe quote from pilot episode of Friends ((don't hate...HA, it works two ways)) )
However, moving tops the not as short as it should be list.

Packing, cleaning, unpacking, putting away...ugh. I'd really rather not.
I'm leaving work early tomorrow so I can come home and do the mountain of laundry we've piled up over the last week. Which is something else on my "Hate List."
It's not so much the doing laundry part, mainly the putting away that sucks... but it's got to be done...

We are moving to another apartment complex. It's right next to where we live now, like, I could literally throw a rock and hit our new apartment. (In case you're wondering, we will be living in an apartment for at least the next 4 years so we can save up for a house. Will we stay in Floria? I don't know! We'll see!)
Our current place is a 730 sq ft one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Our new place is two bedrooms, two bathrooms and is1250 sq ft.
I'm super excited for baby A to have her own room. I'm really looking forward to decorating it.
Think, gray, pink and to come, you'll have to wait and see.

Since Easter will be our first holiday in our new is a little giveaway from a fellow blogger....
Go here for all the details.... Good luck!

I promise to be a better blogger from now on....maybe I'll squeeze in 2 a week instead of just one.....
but don't hold me to it ;)

Enjoy your weekend.

throwback... circa 2006


Megan said...

I feel ya, girl!! I DESPISE moving!! I love the IDEA of a new place to live (especially if it's an upgrade) but I HATE packing and unpacking. YUCK!!!

And I love Friends! :)

Carol said...

Hip Hip Horray! I don't like moving either...we did it twice in 9 months, and with kids it's even worse (more crap, toys, etc to move). Hopefully you'll be able to settle in for a few years!