Sunday, May 15, 2011

New place reveal....

As I promised, here are pictures of our new place.
Please keep in mind that we are still missing a few key items, I'll point those out with each picture...

Welcome to our home

Entry Way
We just bought this key holder yesterday from Pier 1 
I absolutely love it. This picture does not do it justice.

Our living area. 
Please excuse the bare walls, eventually there will be a larger TV mounted on the wall.
Our current TV is only 42", and it's not big enough. Our new one will be at least 50".
We're also bouncing around the idea of which entertainment center we want...

Our movie/video game collection and babe's corner.
Normally I have our DVDs alphabetized, but with a 6 month old, my time is limited
(although I guess I could be doing it now instead of blogging lol)
Oh, and yes, I am watching Family Guy. Seth Macfarlane cracks my shit up. 

Microfiber does not photograph well.
Again, eventually there will be something on the wall above the couch. 
We're thinking a very large picture of something, New York City, Paris...Something.

Back Patio. 
Right outside our screened in porch, is a cute little pond.
You can always find ducks quacking away, and turtles hanging out on rocks. 

Our Dining Area. 
We do not have a table yet, we didn't have room in our last place,
but it's definitely at the top of our list. 
Oh, and see the teeny, tiny closet between the pictures and the garbage can?
Yeah, thats our stackable washer/dryer that holds no more than 3 towels at a time.
Laundry sucks these days. From 3 loads a week, to 8. 

Our Bar/Kitchen
Maybe we'll get stools, maybe not...Not sure yet. 
Now we use it as a place to throw mail, and cell phones. 
Although currently, 
it's home to a lovely bouquet of flowers the hubs got me for our anniversary.

And the hallway.
Take a left, you'll find a bathroom, the linen closet, and the baby's room.
Her room isn't complete yet, and until it is, I'm keeping it a secret! 
Take a right, you'll find another bathroom, and our master bedroom.
I believe in keeping somethings up to the imagination, so our bedroom wont be pictured ;) 

And there you have it. 1250 luxurious square feet of home. Our home. The Mr. and I have been talking a lot lately about purchasing, so within 2 years or so, we'll start looking for a house. Just talking about it makes me beyond excited, so until then, this will be out last apartment.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. ;)
Have a great week!!


Megan said...

Looks great! you've done a great job getting everything set up and looking homey!

Carol said...

I'm so happy for you! It's perfect and now you finally have room to roll around and play...and one day eat at the table as a family. This is all wonderful!