Saturday, May 28, 2011


Here we go.

Buying our first car.

I'm terrified. This is the second largest purchase a person will make! I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of debt, but you've gotta go, what you've gotta do.

Don't make fun of me if it's a Kia. We weren't planning on buying a car for a few more years, so we hadn't exactly budgeted or started saving. But whatever it is, I'll be proud. I'll hold my head up high, and not be a sissy baby about it. It's my car. Mine. (Well ours, but you know what I mean)

Please, please wish us luck (I actually don't believe in luck so do what ya do, cross fingers, pray whatever you like) We'll need it.

Thanks fellow bloggers!!

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Stay safe, don't drink and drive!
(Most holidays AAA ((I think it's them)) even if you're not a member offer a FREE service... if you've had too much to drink, they'll tow your car home, and give you a ride. A SAFE ride.)
Consider what's at risk. <3

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