Thursday, July 8, 2010

24 Weeks... Happy Vitality day to us!

•How far along?: 24 weeks.

•How big is baby?: She is about 13 1/2 inches, and a pound and a 1/2

•Maternity clothes?: Yep. Pants, shorts, shirts, dresses. I do have a few non maternity shirts I can still squeeze into, but not for long. I have a few band t's that I used to wear, now I can only wear them around the house because the bottom of my belly sticks out.

•Stretch marks?: Just ones I had pre-pregnancy, I don't mind those though, they're not bad! :)

•Sleep?: Not so well last night, got up 5 times to pee. 5!!!!

•Food cravings?: ummm....nothing really.

•Labor signs?: Nope!

•Belly button in or out?: Definitely working its way out.

•What I miss: Peppermint white chocolate mocha lattes, my pre-preg body.

•What I'm looking forward to: My baby shower, getting our place ready for baby, and of course her getting here!!

Yesterday was a very productive day for me and little one. I did 4 loads of laundry, and cleaned our place. Now, when I say "cleaned" I mean I got out the rubber gloves, and scrubbie pad and went to town. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, I cleaned out some drawers of clothes that don't 'currently' fit me, it took all day, but its so worth it today, because I don't have to do anything! :)
Today is our Vitality Day, this means, if for some reason I were to go into labor, the doctors/nurses would take every measure to make sure she made it! This makes me very happy, but I'd still like it if she stayed in there and continued baking for the next 16 weeks or so! Wow, 16 weeks.....thats all thats left! Its hard to believe. I'm so excited!! Aren't you?!

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