Thursday, July 29, 2010

27 Weeks

•How far along?: 27 Weeks! 13 weeks to go!

•How big is baby?: About 15 inches and 2 pounds! Baby girl is getting big!

•Stretch marks?: Nothing too serious......yet anyway.

•Maternity clothes?: Yep, almost everything.

•Sleep?: It's been good lately, but I don't know how long it will last. Got to enjoy it while I can :)

•Food cravings?: Coke, the kind you drink, not the kind you "smell"

•Gender?: Girly bits.

•Movement?: Quite frequently, I love it! It keeps my mind at ease.

•Labor signs?: Nope. :)

•Belly button in or out?: Still in, but barely.

•What I miss: My pre pregnancy body, peppermint white chocolate mocha lattes, coffee in general, alcohol.....

•Milestone: Technically I've entered the 3rd trimester, but I'll hold off celebrating until next week. 

13 weeks left people! This is a huge deal! Technically I'll be full term at 37 weeks so I could have a healthy baby in as little as 10 weeks! (which I'm secretly hoping for) I really don't want to be pregnant for the whole 40 weeks. I can only imagine how miserable I'll be. 

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