Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dumbass me...

I was an idiot yesterday, and paid for it last night. The only craving I've really had for my entire pregnancy thus far, is soda. Before getting KU I didn't even drink it. The only carbonated bevs I drank were beer (i miss you) and sugar-free redbulls (i love you). Now some days I drink 2 cans of pepsi a day. And I love it. I'm only supposed to have limited caffeine daily, so I don't usually drink more than that. ANYWAY, back to yesterday.... On any given day, I will drink between 2 and 3 liters of water, I hate doing it, but its for the baby, so I suck it up. Well yesterday, I drank my usual 2 cans of pepsi, but only had about a liter of water. BIG mistake. When I went to bed I was having the worst Braxton Hicks contractions everrr. I felt like shit all night, all because I didn't drink enough water. So this morning I woke up and even before eating breakfast, I downed 1 liter of water. And now, 2 hours later I've almost had 2 liters. I feel so much better and so does Fishy, shes swimming around, and kicking, and punching, and flipping, shes happy, so I'm happy.

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