Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you really need a title?

It's been a week or so, and I apologize for the delay. Nothing spectacular happened, so don't get your panties in a wad.

My kiddo slept from 9pm last night until 3am! It.Was.Wonderful. This has only happened twice now, and it is amazing. I feel like I could do anything after nights like this. She went back to bed and slept until 6, ate, then back to bed a final time and got up at 830. She woke up gagging and choking, and coughing and sneezing, so I'm thinking she may be coming down with something. I hope not, so I'll be giving her even more love than usual to (hopefully) make her feel better. I sucked her nose and throat and took her temp just to be on the safe side. No temp, luckily so maybe I'm just being paranoid after hearing about everyone suffering from a bug.

She started this new trend lately where, if she's hungry, she will fight like hell. It's frustrating because we know she's hungry, but she'll scream and thrash her head back and forth until she finally gives up. My mom, God bless her, says we should give her either cereal in her bottle, or water. Um..I've done lots of research mother. Babies don't get cereal until they are at least 3 months old. And as far as water, not until she is 6 months is she allowed to have even just a few drops. Once she is 1 year old she can have as much water as she likes, and until then, she wont be getting any. Better safe than sorry. Times have changed mother.

I did a little research and asked a popular baby forum for some suggestions as to what we could do to help with this issue. Someone suggested we swaddle her. We had been doing this up until a week or so ago, and we stopped when she stopped sleeping in her bassinet. She didn't seem to mind not being swaddled, so we figured no big deal. Well, we swaddled her up, and she ate like a champ giving us NO fight at all. I think we may have solved our problem, and she slept 6 hours straight....coincidence? I think not. Thank you Internet stranger for making my life a little better. She is currently sleeping soundly, swaddled in her swing. (Say that 5 times fast!)

My brother in law is in town for the week, which is super exciting, since he is my favorite member of the hubs family. He is also the first of them to meet baby A! He was very excited to meet her! The rest of his family will meet her when either we go to Tennessee and visit, or when they come here to visit. We shall see.

Also! Christmas cards went out TODAY!!


Carol said...

That's awesome that she is sleeping like that for you! Isn't it great to have the internet as a resource...I'm not quite sure what our parents did when we were little!

Erica said...

I don't know if I am of any help but I gave both of my children a tsp of cereal in their bottle from about 1 month old (our culture most people do it) and then increased the amount of cereal as time went on..... and my son never fussed and always slept well ....my daughter for the most part slept great and didnt fuss to much either......I hope things get better for you....trust me i have felt that way in other cases when my kids were sick and nothing would soothe the,.....You will get through it though ! dont worry ...it will get better!