Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Festive Fall Weekend

Friday was a crappy day. I was an emotional wreck for some reason. I thought the days of random emotion were behind me, at least for the most part, but alas, I was wrong. I sat around all day watching movies and doing a whole bunch of nothing. Cried on and off for the majority of the afternoon waiting around until Chad got home from work. He decided that ice cream would make me feel better, he was right. we stopped off at Dairy Queen on our way to Lindsey and Wesley's house and we got/shared a banana cream pie blizzard. Oh.My.Goodness. It was delicious. We hung out at their house for a while, then headed back home and called it a night.

Saturday we were supposed to get together with everyone and carve pumpkins and such, but the Mr. and Jessica's boo Vann both had to work so we held off until Sunday. For the life of me I cannot remember what happened on Saturday. So if I remember later, I'll come back and edit.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.... It was a good day. Hotter than hell though. Started the day off getting some groceries with the Hubs, came home had a little lunch, watched a little football, then off we went for some punkin' pickin'!

The hubs and I with his pumpkin. Excuse my pregnant fat face. The Mr. said he looks fat in this picture, I almost punched him.

This was my first year carving a pumpkin myself, I was very excited and decided I would carve a baby pumpkin. Jessica G gave me the idea of carving an "A" in honor of Baby Ariana, so that's what I did!

Now I know I mentioned previously that the hubs is a master pumpkin carver, well, here's the proof. He got extra fancy with his, and put us all to shame.

Here are all the final pumpkins, from left to right, My baby A, Hubs' Bat, Wesley's one ear'd pipe smokin' pumpkin, Lindsey's pirate, Jessica's winky face, and Vann's evil angry face.

After all the carving, it was dinner time! We had some Mexican burgers! Me, still trying to get this baby out decided to eat as much spicy stuff as possible. So I had some chips and hothothot salsa, and a burger with the hothothot salsa, and guacamole/jalapeno spread. It was super spicy. Also, there were some sweet potato fries....YUM. The spicy stuff gave me some contractions, but nothing came of it. As usual.
I've got 2 days until my due date, and I really hoped she would come early. By the looks of things, however, it's not looking good. The doctor told me when I have contractions that come every 5 to 10 minutes to go into labor and delivery. Last night, I had 4 in an hour, and I need to have 6 for it to be the real thing. We were so close....maybe sometime this week....I've got a feeling!

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