Friday, October 22, 2010


So it's only been 2 days since my last post, but I seem to be having blog with drawls. Maybe it's because all of the blogs I follow haven't been very "post happy" this week, I don't know. So here I am, I'll update you all on whats been happening in my life these last 2 days.

Not a whole lot actually. Haha. I've totally given up on trying to get this baby here. I still drink my red raspberry leaf tea, but it's good, and I like it, so I'll continue drinking it until I run out.
I've also been walking. Every.Single.Day. I just walk around the block, it might be a half a mile, maybe, but that could be stretching it.
This baby is going to come when she wants to, I've come to terms with that. As much as it may suck, and as badly as I want to meet her and have an outside baby, I'll wait for her. Unless she doesn't come by November 4Th, then the doctor will force her out...bwahahahaha!

I thought that in the third trimester I would be hit with the "nesting instinct" well, I haven't yet. As far as cleaning goes anyway. I have, however, been a baking fool! I have made brownies twice this week, and today I made some banana bread (it's in the oven right now, and smells delicious by the way). Maybe that's my nesting, I don't know. I keep our place really clean all the time, but I thought I'd be scrubbing the tile with a toothbrush, or pulling out kitchen appliances to clean behind them...nothing. But oh well, the hubs has enjoyed coming home to treats, and I like making him happy. I have the worlds best husband in case I haven't mentioned that previously. *wink.

Tomorrow is the Greene Family Pumpkin Carving Party. I am super excited about this by the way. I love fall. I wish the weather were cooler, and the leaves would change, but alas, that's what you get when you live in Florida, an 85 degree Christmas, and either green or brown leaves. Hubs is a master pumpkin carver so I'll be sure to take some photos to show you.

Back to baby, tonight there will be a full moon. I know it is most likely a myth, but it's OK to hope. And I know, that any nurse will tell you that when there is a full moon, the hospitals are packed (with pregos and weirdos). My back has been killing me today, and I've had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing serious.....of course.

Anyway... well I'm glad I got to fulfill my blogging needs, and I hope you've enjoyed reading my random thoughts. Have a good weekend!

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