Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm baaaack!

My Internet has been wonky for the last 4 days. I didn't realize how much I rely on the Internet for evvvvvverything until I had to go without it. Insert sadface. Anyhow, needless to say, I'm back, thank goodness. I've missed being able to keep up with the blogs I read and facebook...how I ever made it without knowing what was going on in other people's lives for 4 whole days I'll never know.

Weekend recap.
Saturday was the Step Up and Walk for Down Syndrome walk at Lake Eola. I went with Lindsey, her momma Penny and her friend Liza (I think, pregnancy brain, sorry). It started out as a beautiful day, weather wise I mean. I woke up that morning at 5am, why....I don't know. It was actually chilly when we left for the walk at 9ish. I love fall.

Check out this cutie! This is Nora, she is two and I totally fell in love with her.

So we walked around the lake once, we were almost last in line thanks to none other than myself, I had to stop and pee....surprise, surprise. Then we stood around took a few pictures, and visited with friends and went home.
Here is Lindsey and I with Bullwinkle..poor guy had to be sweating his ass off!

What am I thinking?? I totally forgot about FRIDAY! Derr, sorry I don't know where my mind is today.
Friday I spent the entire day with Miss. Lindsey herself. She picked me up around 11ish...we had big plans. We were going to do anything and everything we could to make this baby come. We started off at a park (by the way, the weather was FREAKING AMAZING) someone told me that swinging can help bring the baby lower into the birth canal, so we swang (if that's even a word lol). Then we had lunch with her dad, who I love just so you know. Olive Garden....YUM. I could eat their soup everyday and never get tired of it. Seriously. After lunch we went to an organic market to pick up some Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (delicious), and stopped off at Publix to get the ingredients to make Labor Cookies. Lindsey made them, I watched. They failed. Maybe it was because we left out an ingredient, or maybe because my child is stubborn...I believe the latter. They are tricky cookies, they look like cookies, smell like yummy cookies and even taste good for the first 10 seconds....then they set your mouth on fire. Lindsey tried one (well half of one) and had to wash it down with milk and cheese. I, being the determined mommy to be ate as many as I could, hoping it would work.

Well, labor cookies, red raspberry leaf tea, swinging, spicy food, nothing worked. She is still an inside baby. Annnd that was Friday.

Back to Saturday....

After the walk I went home and took a much needed nap. Then the hubs and I sat around watching a little football before getting ready to go to Vann and Jess' house for Vann's 25 birthday celebration! We ate some super yummy wings, danced around like lunatics to Justin Bieber, and ate DELICIOUS carrot cake made by Jessica. Sooo goooood. I think I ate more icing than cake though. Sorry I can't rotate it ;)
All in all, Friday and Saturday were awesome. I had a great weekend.
Then Sunday came. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed for some reason, but I had to suck it up and go to work for my last day before maternity leave. So I went, worked, stood around on swollen feet and then left. It was a normal day at work, I wont miss working, but I will miss my paycheck, not that it was much, but still.
So here I am, it's Tuesday, day 2 of official maternity leave, house is clean, laundry is done, dishes are washed and brownies have been baked....now what? I guess we'll just wait around for our little one to show up. There will be a full moon on Friday, so maybe that will be the day.
I'm sorry this is so long, I probably could have separated this into 3 posts, but oh well. Thanks for reading!

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