Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pain Pain Pain

Today, my darling child dropped a little more. It's hurts! It's painful to stand, to walk, really to do anything other than sit (I haven't tried to lie down yet, so we'll see how that goes).

I have an appointment tomorrow and I plan to bring up induction. Now, I know what you're thinking, "You're not even 40 weeks yet! Wait it out!!!" Well I have 2 words for you....SHUT IT! You don't understand that pain I'm in these days. Now that she has really dropped I feel like she will fall out at any minute. Not to mention my swollen feet, ankles, fingers, face, my aching back, and my inability to sleep. Okay, I'm done complaining....sorry about that mini vent.

Anyhow, I'm afraid my doc will shoot down any hopes I have of an induction. To be quite honest, I don't really want to be induced if I can help it. I hear that pitocin contractions are way more intense than natural ones, and it also makes your chance of having a c-section much higher (and we all know I don't want one of those). Ask me this if I'm still pregnant in 3 weeks (please God don't do that to me). My doctor kind of sucks sometimes. She wont give any internal exams to let me know if I am dilated until I am past due (which makes me think she's not down with inductions) she's also really sucky at answering questions. My last couple appointments she has really rushed, I'm sorry but I am just as important as your other patients; give me the time I deserve please!! I will also find out tomorrow if I am positive or negative for Group B Strep, fingers crossed for negative!! And, if I remember, I'll try to get a flu shot.
I'll let you know what happens probably on Thursday when I do my 38 (squee!) week update!

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